Monday, September 17, 2012

What {a Fair Visit} looks like || Bend Oregon Photographer

Together with five other Oregon photographers I am continuing a lifestyle blogging project entitled "What ___________ looks like," an idea inspired by a group of photographers out of Montana.  On the third Monday of each month I will fill in the blank with my own word or concept, and link to the next photographer's blog until the circle is complete.  I hope you take the time to enjoy this monthly photographic journey, and enjoy each of our monthly projects. 

What {a Fair Visit} looks like!

I realize the Deschutes County Fair happened way back in August - but I've been simply too busy to have even looked at these images until now. We moved on August 1st, and by the 3rd, we were ready for a major unpacking break. With our moving helper in tow (and fellow blogger, Gary Irwin - a.k.a. my dad), the boys and I set out for a fun day of elephant ears & sunshine. We also were hoping to run into my favorite "bunny gal," Amanda and her mom. Amanda is my bunny expert & wrangler for the Easter Bunny photo event, 3 years and counting! We did, indeed, run into Amanda - and had a first-class tour of her award wining pigeons!

We've arrived, and are ready to find us some animals!

Look who we ran into! Max's classmate & friend Alisa, with her chicken.

Separated at birth?

Don't think my ginger didn't fall in love with this lil' hopping ginger... 

Beautiful bird details.

Queen of the pigeons. And bunnies. And more....

Fair buddies... they had a great time together
Now, head on over to Erin Berg Photography & check out her day at Todd Lake!

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