Thursday, September 6, 2012

Seasons Changing - I love it! || Bend, Oregon Photographer

I love this time of year - when the hectic summer days settle into a nice routine, which is not any less hectic, but at least punctuated by the scheduled comings and goings of the school bell. I tend to thrive under that external motivator - and am thankful to have a bit more time to settle into our new home, and tend to my business with a bit more focus. 

I also happen to love the routine and tradition of our back to school pictures - taken the morning of, and in front of our front door. I was very pleasantly surprised that the light on our porch is just as nice as our previous house... and I love how they turned out. 

Here they are: Knucklehead #1 (AKA Max, the 5th grader), and Knucklehead #2 (AKA Sam, the 3rd grader)

For the first time ever, Daddy gets to participate in first day of school mayhem - as it was his day off.

First Day with Mrs. Masterson. 5th Grade

First Day with Mr. Miller. 3rd Grade

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