Friday, September 14, 2012

They're coming!!! || Bend, Oregon Photographer

I'm just a wee bit giddy because my brother and his family are coming over for their first visit to our new place this weekend! It will be short and sweet, but... the SWEET outweighs the short by a long shot!

I'm sure we'll spend some time sharing lots of our family memories, and hold discussions about their 3 new {pregnant} milk goats they are getting on Sunday!

In honor of their visit... I've re-published my article from True North Parenting Magazine's June/July 2012 issue about Planting Seeds of Memories - based on our trip to Alaska. You can read the entire article here on my travel blog.

And just for fun... here are a couple non-Alaska Irwin-Teichrow adventure images:

Cascade Head Nature Trail... with Grandpa Irwin.

Found a snowman... perfect prop!
Belknap Hot Springs Snowy fun

Our own Fourth of July parade!

Fun Silliness as we work our way down the Northern CA coast.

In front of the Brotherhood Tree in the CA Redwoods

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