Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Classic Family Session || Bend Oregon Photographer

Have you thought about what your goals are for your family photography session, or why you go through the trouble to hire a professional?

For some, it's to create beautiful artwork for their walls to enjoy. 
For others, it's an annual checklist because its simply "what you do." 

For me, as a mom and a photographer, my goal for family photography is to create images that tell the story of my client's lives, the real story. My goal is for the images to freeze time, if only for a moment, so you when you look back at your prints you'll remember not only the sights of your life, but the smells, taste and sounds as well. 

I strive for classic imagery, and while you may reflect in 20 years and see "that hairstyle" or some item of clothing popular at the time - what you'll really see come through are the relationships and personality of your family and children, not a trendy camera angle or photoshop filter. 

Good, classic, photography. 

Thank you, Phillips family, for trusting me to create these heirlooms for you.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Just a girl and her Papa! || Bend Oregon Photographer

Miss V came back to the studio last week and we captured some really fun shots of she & her Papa! Precious memories to last a lifetime... AND, I got my very own Frozen concert - can you guess what she's singing??