Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Meet Miss Lola || Bend Oregon Photographer

Meet Miss Lola! This sweet mama Pit Bull dropped by for a visit this morning. She is thought to be 1-2 years old, and is a rescue dog. She lived in Jefferson county, and was rescued from a situation where she was asked to have way too many litters of puppies for her young body. She is currently spayed - and waiting for a loving forever home. 

If you are interested in loving on Lola... contact Melissa at (541) 788-6946

Friday, November 23, 2012

Announcing Holiday Gift Sessions || Bend, Oregon Photographer

Are your family photos held hostage by your computer? 

Your memories deserve to be out in the fresh air!
Holiday gift sessions come with prints ready for you to put in frames & ENJOY 
the moment they come home to you!

Gift Sessions are 20-minute mini sessions on location. I drop in, have some fun with your family... 
and you wind up with images you’ll love forever. Due to the nature of these sessions, time frame is strictly adhered to. Additional time is available at additional cost, and based on my availability. 

Available sessions:

The ELF Session is $195 and includes your session fee and (3) Gift Prints (8x10 or smaller)
The ANGEL Session is $295 and includes your session fee and (6) Gift Prints (8x10 or smaller)
The SANTA’S HELPER Session is $395 and includes (3) 5x7 prints and up to 20 high resolution digital files.

Call me today to arrange YOUR gift session!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Partnership! It's all about Dogs! || Bend Oregon Photographer

I'm so excited to be able to start working with adoptable dogs! 

Meet these two darling 14 week old pups - fostered here in Bend, and available for immediate adoption.

If you are interested, contact Melissa at 541-788-6946 for more information on the pups... 

Meet the boy, Biscuit

And the girl - Cranberry - who's adoption is pending! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sometimes smiles just take time || Bend, Oregon Photography

Patience is a virtue - and in the case of the Baker session, it paid off in spades. Every family photo session is different, and with small children, you never really know how the kids will react to being put through the session paces. Nine times out of ten, it's fairly simple and I don't have to resort to every trick in my bag. 

As you can tell from the first two images below... Little brother was not at all interested in engaging with me. "No Eye Contact" was key to keeping the tears at bay. The family was wonderful and had a "We'll take what we can get" attitude.  We were nearly through with the session, on the mantle of their new fireplace, when I reached deep into my bag of tricks, so to speak - and found it! The one that worked... 

Once I broke that barrier, he was all mine... and we managed to capture a happy & engaged little construction worker with his family. 

Still cute, but little brother isn't leaving dad's arms. 

Sigh. Maybe not today... 

We did it! Smiles, all around!

Cutest construction worker ever.

Busy little worker.

All smiles!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Free Pet Photos in Downtown Bend || Bend Oregon Photography

I'm so excited for this fun event! Join me, along with the best groomer in town 
(Just ask our pups, Rex & Cinnamon), Precious Paws for photos, food & fun!

Click on image below for larger text.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Behind the Scenes - Henna Shoot || Bend Oregon Photographer

The November/December issue of True North Magazine has hit the stands - and I wanted to share how the cover concept came about, along with a few behind the scenes images. 

Annette, editor in chief of True North, had asked for something with hearts and hands to represent charitable giving - and graphic designer Kristi Simmons and I got together to brainstorm concepts, beyond the cliche images that would typically come to mind. After running through all of the cliches, I threw out the idea of henna... as I am a huge fan of the artform, and readily admit my art-crush on Allison Dickerson's work - often calling on Allison for her henna talent before a special event or a little skin flair for a sunny vacation. To be honest, I wasn't sure if anyone would get on board with the concept - but after I shared these first two images from a henna night with Allison when my mom's cousin and her daughter came for a visit, the concept was solidified... and the issue started to take shape.  

Several collaborations, one fun, late-night henna session & several shoots later, the November/December 2012 issue of True North ranks up there with my very favorite issues. I hope you enjoy it as much as I... 

When you're done here - head on over to ISSUU and check out the digital issue!

My "aunt" Ruth's beautiful henna -  celebrating two concepts that came to light during a weekend spiritual retreat – and the inspiration for the True North shoot. 

Annette receives finger details during our late-night Henna-fest!

A bit of fun glitter-flair... 

My henna - with a few finishing details.
True North graphic designer models one of two "Compassion" designs.

Hand model Audrey receives a few colorful details.
A beautiful finished piece of art... 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Settling in - and ready for what's next! || Bend, Oregon Photography

Finally, yesterday, my little office/ client meeting space/ kids hideaway has blossomed.... and I'm so excited to share its progress.

I feel like my blog is a butterfly - who has been tucked away in a cocoon of moving and settling in over the last several months. While I have certainly kept my camera busy capturing memories for my beautiful clients as well as my own family - you certainly couldn't tell from here.  There is still more to do in the office (oh, that horrid flooring!) but my black and white gallery wall has found its new home, shelves are installed, and there are only 3 small moving boxes left to settle into the cupboards & filing cabinets. 

Now its time to buckle down in a fresh work space, and hopefully find a few gems from the past months to share here - and let this little blog spread her wings again... 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Warmest Congratulations - x2 || Bend, Oregon Photographer

Last weekend I was honored to photograph my step-sister's newborn twins and big brother, Marcus. I could write a book about how much fun I had, how nice it was to take a little road trip with my oldest son, and catch up with my college buddy and her family to boot (thanks, Kell-Kell for the hospitality!) ...

But really - you just want to see the images, right?

As you wish...

Sleepy Melia, and hungry Marisa - this pretty much sums up the shoot. 

Light tester. Road trip partner. 

Warm, cozy & ready for their close-ups...

Snug as two cute little bugs could be...

{sigh} could be my favorite. All tangled up...

Ok. Maybe THIS is my favorite. Not sure I should play this game. They're all pretty cute.

Melia - sacked out.

I do love daddy pictures. Little frog... happy girl.

Chillin' out with mama.

A handful... or two.

Sweetness... {love the teddy...}

Monday, September 17, 2012

What {a Fair Visit} looks like || Bend Oregon Photographer

Together with five other Oregon photographers I am continuing a lifestyle blogging project entitled "What ___________ looks like," an idea inspired by a group of photographers out of Montana.  On the third Monday of each month I will fill in the blank with my own word or concept, and link to the next photographer's blog until the circle is complete.  I hope you take the time to enjoy this monthly photographic journey, and enjoy each of our monthly projects. 

What {a Fair Visit} looks like!

I realize the Deschutes County Fair happened way back in August - but I've been simply too busy to have even looked at these images until now. We moved on August 1st, and by the 3rd, we were ready for a major unpacking break. With our moving helper in tow (and fellow blogger, Gary Irwin - a.k.a. my dad), the boys and I set out for a fun day of elephant ears & sunshine. We also were hoping to run into my favorite "bunny gal," Amanda and her mom. Amanda is my bunny expert & wrangler for the Easter Bunny photo event, 3 years and counting! We did, indeed, run into Amanda - and had a first-class tour of her award wining pigeons!

We've arrived, and are ready to find us some animals!

Look who we ran into! Max's classmate & friend Alisa, with her chicken.

Separated at birth?

Don't think my ginger didn't fall in love with this lil' hopping ginger... 

Beautiful bird details.

Queen of the pigeons. And bunnies. And more....

Fair buddies... they had a great time together
Now, head on over to Erin Berg Photography & check out her day at Todd Lake!