Monday, April 7, 2014

Two Reasons to Smile || Bend Oregon Photography

Last week, on a whim I decided I wanted to give a {real} Easter Bunny Encounter away to what I had hoped, would be a deserving family.

Well... I did not find one single family.

I found TWO!

While I received a bunch well-deserving nominations, two stories in particular warmed my heart - and I felt they both needed to come in and enjoy some bunny-love!

Here are a couple of sneak peeks of each family - and a brief account of their story... and to each of them - I extend my heartfelt THANK YOU for allowing me to capture these memories for you.

Introducing the Andrews Family!

I received not one, but TWO nominations for this young man & his family.
Doesn't he have the sweetest smile ever? 

Introducing the McCarthy Family!
This gorgeous family of six is currently facing a battle with breast cancer.
Never having had professional portraits - I about fell on the floor when the girls walked in wearing their mom's and aunt's Easter dresses from over 30 years ago. 
What amazing outfits for their first portraits!
How cute are they?

You can look forward to hearing more about each of these families in the coming weeks, 
because for now, I've got a bunch of bunny-editing to do!