Monday, October 21, 2013

Mamarazzi at its very, very best || Bend, Oregon Photography

I was very, very lucky to have a student lend me a very fancy lens this weekend... and while I haven't gone through all of the images with a fine-toothed comb yet, I did want to share a couple from the boys' last games this weekend. The lens, in case you're wondering - is a 300mm 2.8 beast of a lens (the older version, not the VR). In laymans terms, it zooms far (well, technically it doesn't zoom at all... it just "is" far), and lets a LOT of light in at once, while also giving a shallow depth of field (what's sharp versus blurry - so you better nail your focus!) Not layman enough? Suffice it to say - its  sweet, but heavy. Even using a monopod - I was quite ready for the hot tub after 2 games & topped off with a client session in the evening.

The first image is of Sam's last tackle football game. He made HUGE strides this year, and I'm so proud of his playing & sticktuitiveness... Here he is, protecting his man! Way to go, TEICHROW! 

Here is Max on the Summit HS field playing for FCTimbers U12 White team.  I'd hoped I'd get something worthwhile with that GORGEOUS view in the background. In fact, I think I got several from the game... but grabbed this one first, as it's pretty cool. Max, too, has made huge strides in this season... he's a bit "fresh" at soccer - but has worked very hard to gain confidence and skills on the field. I had no doubts, and its fun to watch him grow.

In the end - do I covet the lens?

Kinda. It's pretty heavy - takes a lot of care (not exactly throw it in the pack and head for the hills, footloose and fancy free), but it DOES hum... and I walked away with some SWEET images of my kiddos playing hard.
Mama is happy.

And, I've got a student to work with to help him get some awesome volleyball images!
Teacher is happy.