Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Warmest Congratulations - x2 || Bend, Oregon Photographer

Last weekend I was honored to photograph my step-sister's newborn twins and big brother, Marcus. I could write a book about how much fun I had, how nice it was to take a little road trip with my oldest son, and catch up with my college buddy and her family to boot (thanks, Kell-Kell for the hospitality!) ...

But really - you just want to see the images, right?

As you wish...

Sleepy Melia, and hungry Marisa - this pretty much sums up the shoot. 

Light tester. Road trip partner. 

Warm, cozy & ready for their close-ups...

Snug as two cute little bugs could be...

{sigh} could be my favorite. All tangled up...

Ok. Maybe THIS is my favorite. Not sure I should play this game. They're all pretty cute.

Melia - sacked out.

I do love daddy pictures. Little frog... happy girl.

Chillin' out with mama.

A handful... or two.

Sweetness... {love the teddy...}

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