Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sometimes smiles just take time || Bend, Oregon Photography

Patience is a virtue - and in the case of the Baker session, it paid off in spades. Every family photo session is different, and with small children, you never really know how the kids will react to being put through the session paces. Nine times out of ten, it's fairly simple and I don't have to resort to every trick in my bag. 

As you can tell from the first two images below... Little brother was not at all interested in engaging with me. "No Eye Contact" was key to keeping the tears at bay. The family was wonderful and had a "We'll take what we can get" attitude.  We were nearly through with the session, on the mantle of their new fireplace, when I reached deep into my bag of tricks, so to speak - and found it! The one that worked... 

Once I broke that barrier, he was all mine... and we managed to capture a happy & engaged little construction worker with his family. 

Still cute, but little brother isn't leaving dad's arms. 

Sigh. Maybe not today... 

We did it! Smiles, all around!

Cutest construction worker ever.

Busy little worker.

All smiles!

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