Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Moonlight Play

We're in the middle of a fantastic August in Washington... and while most of this vacation is a camera-vacation - I did break out the tripod & made some long exposures this beautiful moonlit night. 

I call this "Max Walks Through Camp With Lantern." 

You can see his red checkered PJ bottoms, a hint of the teal flannel top (no fashion judgements please - we are camping!) - and best of all, the rhythm of his steps as the lantern sways with the cadence, lighting up the campsite around him - including the tree we are sitting beneath. I love that the sky looks blue - almost dusk-like... but it was far beyond sunset - and the sky is purely it by the moonlight and a 4 second exposure.

I'm certain I'll be adding posts to my travel blog - Wildfire, about this trip, in case you'd like to see more images from Chelan.

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