Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm not a hand model but...

As a creative person - I appreciate all types of art and am a big fan in particular of artists I get to meet in person and have a personal connection with.

David and I often bring back local art from places we travel. I LOVE my hand carved wooden tiki mask we picked up in Maui for our 10th anniversary. Here is a gallery of the artist carving his signature into our piece in the open air market in Lahaina. We've also blown our own glass floats in Newport, Oregon (the gal helping us was an amazing craftsperson). I can't tell you how many pieces of jewelry I pick up on our travels (but my husband may be able to!). In fact - the brown and brass bracelet you see below is form our recent walk through Pike's Market!

Bringing talented henna artist, Allison Dickerson of Allura Henna for Studio 3's Last Saturday Art Tour was a perfect opportunity to experience this new (to me) type of artwork up close and very personal!

I have loved my own personal canvas for the last week - and am quite certain to work with Allison in the future... I'm seeing special henna for my birthday - maybe the holiday parties... New Year's Eve!

For more henna photographs - check out this gallery.

Sam's design - Scorpio in FLAMES! 
Max's awesome dragon.

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