Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bend's own competes in Hershey, PA - GO DAWSON!

This week, I'd like all of you to go out and buy a Hershey Chocolate bar. Go out and support this company - as they are doing some amazing things for kids. 

Meet Dawson - Bend's own High Desert Middle Schooler (and family friend), who just completed his first of 4 full days in Hershey, PA competing with kids from across the country at the Hershey Track & Field North American Finals. At no cost to the families, students from across the country have gathered in PA to meet, compete and play together from August 4-7. They get to not only compete, but are treated to special tours of the chocolate factory, amusement park visits, extra competition shirts to trade with the other competitors & a souvenir stipend. 

So, please take a moment, eat some chocolate and think good thoughts for our Central Oregon competitor!


*** 8/6/2011 UPDATE! **** Congratulations, Dawson, on your GOLD MEDAL finish in the 100mm race! National Champion! Great work!

A few of you may notice its similar to another photograph I've recently taken... Dawson and his brother, along with my two boys were light testers for me the night I did a trial run for the cover shoot for this month's True North Parenting Magazine. They were HAMS, and gave me some amazing shots to take home. It was quite the entertaining evening!

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