Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bend, Oregon Photography || Worth its weight in gold...

I'll admit it. I'm exhausted. It's been a long week, and I came down with a cold the night after this event. I am certain because my body was just tired from getting this show together (in addition to the normal wear and tear of my life).

So, here I am in the final stretch of this PTA Reflections Art Show marathon - eeking out just enough energy to wrap up the bits and pieces of what happens next (paper work, distributing artwork back to the students - sorting out the bag of "stuff" I grabbed in case we needed it during the hanging and judging - almost worse than my junk drawer at home).


I'm tired.

And then... I take a peek at the photos I took both getting ready for, and during the show (hang in there - they're down there...).

Color returns to my face, and I am motivated to dive into my bag of "stuff!"

Volunteering is like that, no? I'll admit it. Going into my kids' classrooms every week can sometimes be the last thing I'm interested in doing. Oh, the editing I could do. The dishes can be done. Calls I could make. Heck... I could relax!

And then... in the first 5 minutes in the classroom - color returns to my face - and I'm so, so thankful to be able to spend that time helping out. Blessed my schedule allows it.

I'm happy to share my motivation here... images from the first annual PTA Reflections Regional Art Show during the Last Saturday Art Walk at Studio 3. Truly worth their weight in gold - please take a moment  and peek through them... it was a joy to see the pride in the student's faces as they showed family and friends their artwork, and I know they'd be tickled to know you dropped by here as well! Leave a comment below for your artist!

MANY, many thanks to our local (Jewell Elementary) judges: Jeff Kennedy, Naomi Monchari, Jacquie Prestidge, Norma Holmes, and regional judges and local artists (go check out their stuff - amazing!), Norma Holmes, Stuart Breidenstein, and Chad Fox.

Oh, by the way - in case you don't know...

For over 40 years, students from area PTA schools submit artwork illustrating a common theme, in one of 6 mediums. Artwork is celebrated and judged at local and regional levels, with the opportunity to move on to state and national levels.

PTA Regional Director, Collin Robinson helps hang along the gallery wall.

Yay! Volunteers! Thanks, Miss Julie for your help & support!

Ready to hang...

It's coming together!

Shameful Mama-plug. Sam's mask.

Stuart, taking his job seriously. As he should!

Our fantastic Regional Judges - THANKS you three!

Yay! Students and their artwork!

Creating more masterpieces during the show....

Admiring the work...

Life imitates art!

Our Comment wall - Folks were invited to leave comments for the artists!

... and that's a wrap!

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