Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Adorable Miss M - the entire shoot || Bend, Oregon Photographer

I finally managed to dig into the entire photography session with 6-month old Miss M, and here, at last, are my personal favorites... Well, in addition, of course, to the ones I've posted previously (here and here!)

I loved this session for so many reasons... but most of all because it took place this family's home - where she was surrounded by familiar settings and the images will all reflect a sense of home, rather than somewhere unfamiliar. Twenty years from now she'll look back and they'll just FEEL like home.

So, here they are - comments are included in the captions...

Help! I'm trapped in an adorable teddy bear sweater!

See, adorable!

Jeggings & Pugs. Perfection!

The sign says it all.

With all of the adorableness that came of my time with Miss M. I do believe this is my favorite shot. {love}

I'm 6-months old. I love pears.

... a LOT!

Mom and Dad love me. Bunches.

Only at 6-months can thunder-thighs be cute and adorable!

Super sweet - She's posed in front of a VERY special piece of artwork.

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