Monday, March 31, 2008

Safe, sound and ready for bed.

I've arrived without incident, and after lengthy chats with Dave, a bedtime story for the boys... I'm ready to unpack and curl up in my bed. Tomorrow's agenda is fairly simple. I'm very excited to be participating the pre-conference workshop "On Location Wedding Shoot." It's from noon to 6. Looks like from the drive in, that I'll have a fairly decent walk to get over to the conference center. Guess I'd better do some research into the good coffee places at the conference center!

Oh, the most important thing... I'll probably hold off on posting too many pictures here, but you can view the lot in my Picasa site: (or click on the link here)
Kimberly's Photoshop Adventure

I've already posted some great shots from the plane in Salt Lake City. It was beautiful.

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