Monday, March 31, 2008

Phew.... I'm on my way!

I've got a little less than an hour before takeoff... and then I'm ON MY WAY! I'm very excited, but to be honest, I've had precious little time to prepare. This morning we got out of bed (of course Sam had come in just after Dave left for work, about 6am, and we got a nice cuddle in). So, up and out of bed, and I look at poor Sam and his eyes are super red, goop in the corners and crusty yellow nose. Oh, baby... pink eye! So, instead of a leisurely morning assembling my items and gear thoughtfully, we sqeezed in a trip to the doctor for antibiotics for my baby boy. I supposed I shouldn't call him a baby... as he weighed in at 52.5 pounds at the doctors office. 

Anyhow, he's doing great, and I'm just hoping I've packed enough memory cards and all of the types of chargers I'll need for all my gear. I'm packing Dave's MacBook (thanks, honey!) so I'll be able to do "homework" after a day of Photoshop clinics and classes, as well
 as keep in touch through this blog and most (fun) importantly... Video chatting with the family back home. Can't wait!

I'm off now to plug in the computer, and charge up the batteries enough to get me through a couple of f lights... I suppose this will be a good indicator of whether or not to invest in the mag-safe airplane power cord...


Here are a few pictures of our goodbye.

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