Friday, May 2, 2014

Unwinding from Texas School || Bend Oregon Photographer

What I have come to love about Texas School of Professional Photography is the caliber of instruction, as well as the opportunity to really focus on my craft. I've learned so much this week, about light, about crafting portraits, I'm very excited to start implementing what I've learned. 

Our class was very hands-on, we photographed models in small groups every day, as well as spent time in critiques from this shoots. Carl was a wonderful teacher, as well as pseudo-boss, as I was one of the classroom assistants (of course, called Wranglers here at Texas School). I enjoyed helping where I could, as well as taking away some very practical knowledge.

Enjoy these images I made of our models during the week. My favorite, of course, was Ben - as he reminded me of my two knuckleheads at home. I can't WAIT to squeeze those not-so-little turkeys tomorrow night when I get home. 

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