Thursday, May 15, 2014

Chasing the Moonrise || Bend Oregon Photographer

Sometimes, in the middle of a busy life, you simply have to drop everything and chase a (full) moonrise. We did just that last night - and had a great adventure - complete with tripod, CamRanger, iPad & fancy camera - and wrapped up with drive through DQ!

Here are a few of our highlights!

Triggered by the iPad behind me, which was hooked up to the Camranger, which sends images BACK to the iPad - I then used Airdrop and sent it to my iPhone (iPad is wifi only) - and threw this one up on Instagram from the top of the Butte, which, incidentally, had awesome reception)

Smoke stream from the prescribed burn today. 

Daytime? Nope. 8 second exposure. 

Pilot & Awbry Butte, and city lights. 

Ohhh... new lens! Getting up close (r)