Monday, August 26, 2013

My Visual Sandwich || Bend Oregon Photographer

Last Saturday, my stars aligned, and I was given the opportunity to take part in a beautiful day of inspiration & empowerment - also known as Muse Camp, a women's retreat at the beautiful Caldera Arts Center, sponsored by World Muse

After a busy, busy summer of work, travel and playing with the family - it was a welcome day of taking time to breathe, getting inspired by women and nature, and falling in love with my camera all over again. I can't even begin to share my internal experience, but I do hope these images inspire you and provide a small peek into my day, which began and ended with incredible shows of clouds & light - a visual sandwich!


Sunrise over Central Oregon

A photo walk through the burnt forest - remains of the B & B Complex fire of 2003

Sunset over Scout Lake

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