Sunday, July 15, 2012

What {a lazy Fourth} looks like || Bend, Oregon Photographer

Together with five other Oregon photographers I am continuing a lifestyle blogging project entitled "What ___________ looks like," an idea inspired by a group of photographers out of Montana.  On the third Monday of each month I will fill in the blank with my own word or concept, and link to the next photographer's blog until the circle is complete.  I hope you take the time to enjoy this monthly photographic journey, and enjoy each of our monthly projects. 

What {a lazy Fourth} looks like.

I won't lie. We've been busy. 

I know, I know - everyone is busy these days, but I do believe this summer takes the cake. I won't bore you with the tedious details (perhaps the "sale pending" sign in our yard will give you a hint of one aspect of our crazy summer), but suffice it to say that I haven't really brought out my big camera too terribly often. 

For the Fourth of July, however, I felt I should at LEAST go through the motions - if somewhat half heartedly. My go-to lens was in the shop, so I grabbed my new & improved 50mm and figured I'd snap a few of the kids and our fireworks. 

Along the lines of "we've been busy" - we simply didn't have the energy to make a huge day out of it. No trip downtown to the annual town parade, elaborate fireworks, no yard decorations, and no fun red, white or blue food. {What a slacker mom, right?}

But, in the end, we spent a lovely, lazy day together. My dad was in town (how'd you like his garage, by the way? Me? I thought it was a great post! Haven't seen it yet? Be sure to make the blog-loop!) - and my mom had joined us as well for dinner and festivities. The boys had picked out a few of their favorite fireworks - and delighted in setting them off themselves. As for me? I need to go through the motions more often. I love these images of a lazy Fourth - as they succinctly tell the story of what our day looked like. 

I hope you enjoyed these images, now head on over to Jessica's Blog:


Gary Irwin said...

Kim, these are great fun! Maybe you should leave that Monster Nikon home and just use the G12!

Alisa Hayes said...

These are wonderful! I just love the fun, colorful images of summer :) Love them!

Jessica Woodford said...

What super fun images of a great 4th of July! xo