Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Alaska! Our Alaska Cruise, finally revealed! || Bend, Oregon Photographer

Back in May, our family took the trip of a lifetime, a Lindblad Expeditions National Geographic cruise through Southeast Alaska. Seven days of adventure aboard a small ship, with my mom, brother and our families - 10 in all. 

Needless to say, I came back with a treasure trove of images and loved documenting this special time with my family - and even went so far as to share my thoughts on creating family memories in the current issue of True North parenting {link to come}. Now that I've had the chance to sort through all of them, I can finally begin to share them here, along with a few anecdotes from our trip. 

Without a doubt, of all our wild adventures - my favorite experience happened during our final day exploring the Tracy Arm in Zodiacs as we dodged chunks of ice, making our way closer and closer to the Sawyer glacier. Venturing cautiously close to icebergs, we were treated to amazing, up-close views of the blue-ish ice. It was truly captivating.

The quiet still of the bay is what impressed me about this image.
I'm mesmerized by the reflection punctuated by floating ice.

No, really. It is this blue.
For more on our Alaskan Cruise, here's an article I wrote about the gift of experiences with family.

And, for the video slideshow - part video diary, part slideshow, part movie - Enjoy this YouTube link.

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