Friday, March 2, 2012

Amazing story. Close to home. || Bend, Oregon Photography

My dad is my number one fan (who's dad isn't right?), and I love that we have a common interest & love of photography (you should really check out his site... ). For that reason, it is pretty common for me to call him on the way to a shoot, particularly the extraordinary ones. It's fun for me to dish about any exciting details - or get a pep talk from my number one cheerleader when necessary.

This was a shoot I was anticipating in particular, for a number of reasons - and made my customary phone call beforehand. I explained the details, the story & got an immediate "Oh shit. She's you."

It's true - while, Jen Thompson's story could be any one of the beautiful women I know - our similarities are certainly present. I was thankful for the opportunity to work with such a talented and well respected colleague - but at the same time, I couldn't deny how personal her story is. I hoped that I would not only not make a fool of myself during the shoot - but would be able to capture images that were worthy of such a meaningful article.

If any of you know Jen, you won't be surprised that she was gracious, warm and kind - which immediately set me at ease - her two boys were just as fun and spunky as mine - and the shoot went off without a hitch.

I've certainly spent some time thinking of Jen and her challenges - and how, so very selfishly, I am grateful for this opportunity to reflect on my blessings. Not only my health - but my family and more. And what's more amazing, this beautiful woman celebrates that in me, as I help share such an all encompassing challenge in hers.

And for that... I am humbled.

UPDATE: Jen is continuing her battle with this horrible disease. Please take a moment and check in on her - and consider a donation as she prepares to participate in a clinical trail out of state.

Also, if you are interested in article for this story from True North Parenting, you can find it here.

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