Monday, January 9, 2012

Circles Colliding!

I love working with folks I know from other circles in my life! It's particularly fun when I adore them! 

Meet Grace & Joni - two beautiful women who work at my boys' school (GO Jewell Jaguars!). They fell behind my lens (and in front of the Sparkle Lights!) over the holidays at the annual Home for the Holiday's party - and I'm so glad! 

This was such a great event - festive and beautiful - and it immediately hurled me about 10 years into my future when my boys are coming home from college for Christmas. To be honest - I'm not sure how I really felt about that part - but I will say it did bless me with a very real sense of how quickly time passes -and how much I enjoy my young (but not tiny) boys. 

Thanks Grace, for the invitation... and for wrangling your young fella in front of the lens! He's a handsome one!

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