Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bend, Oregon Photographer || The Mama Gene. It's real.

I just got done putting our 2011 family album together - and I noticed that there's been a shift in our family photographs. Several years ago - there were so many great candid photos. I used to take my camera (my good, pro camera) everywhere. I'd grab shots of nearly everything we do. In the last year or so - not as much. There were way fewer images of us just hanging out, or things around the house.

Don't get me wrong - there were tons of great images of our family... but not the ones I really love. The ones that tug on the Mama Gene every time I see them. These are the images (truth be told) that typically make my Black and White gallery wall in my home. Little moments. Goofy faces. 

{sigh} I love my family. My boys are knuckle heads. 

So. I've decided {not resolved - too easy to ignore}, to keep the good camera handy again. Grab the little shots I love. Like this morning. Not THIS morning... but the morning you see here. Thank goodness I've trained my boys well. I was so gratified and thankful when I sneak up on these two having serious Lego Negotiations over dividing a long-lost box of Legos - click the shutter... and without any pause in their action, without turning a head, nor batting an eye (that I could tell), I hear a "oh, hi Mom!" 

And the negotiations continue... 

And my Mama Gene flutters... 

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