Friday, September 30, 2011

A themed photo shoot - Celebrate!

My partners & I at Studio 3 just celebrated our first year in business together. To celebrate, we threw ourselves a birthday bash during the Last Saturday Art Walk in the Old Ironworks District, and decided to show each of our interpretations of the word "Celebrate" in photos.

While I'm accustomed to shooting for assignments for True North Parenting, I'm not necessarily used to shooting along a creative theme - and it took a bit for me to wrap my head around how I wanted to approach this task.

If you're interested, here was my thought process - and if you're not, no worries... skip straight to the photographs below.

For me photography has always been about my family. My passion is truly being able to capture images of our lives together, and be able to share, reflect & preserve them for future generations. It was a logical conclusion for me, then, to tie the word "Celebrate" into some sort of family activity. 

We'd played around with light painting, off camera flash, and long exposures last summer, and I wanted to see what we could do with it in studio. The boys thought it was fun to act and freeze in silly poses while I ran around and drew in the air with a flashlight - and my dad (a wonderful photographer of "things that don't move " ~ his words) was in town as well... a perfect combination, right?

Well, the best laid plans...

Together, we got the studio set up, tested out a 10 second exposure and were ready to play. My dad manned the shutter release, my husband served as the timer & protector of lights... and I tried, in vane, to literally paint with light while our squirmy boys did their best to not knock over anything. It turned into a bit of a circus - as we had limited time to get it right, the batteries wavered in the flashlight - and the fuse of the mama got shorter and shorter, until it was simply time to go home on this school night and call it a day.

I was fairly convinced we didn't get anything I would have been proud to display - until I called upon my trusty tablet... and my love of drawing. 

While you can see the light painting in the blue present image below (the glowy white light behind the blue) - I've pretty much covered up the rest of the evidence of the light painting with playful drawings of images the boys came up with when they thought of what it means to Celebrate.

In the end - these images are perfect in their imperfections. It wasn't what I had envisioned in the beginning, but it was a beautiful lesson for myself that it's not about the destination - but about the journey. 

And for me, this particular journey with my family is truly a reason to Celebrate.

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