Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Wednesday

It's Wednesday, which means I get to into each of my boys' classrooms for a bit and help out for about an hour each. I always come away feeling connected to my boys' school experience - and so incredibly thankful for our teachers - and how much time & energy they spend teaching my children.

While I've technically set Wednesdays aside as a "no work" day - I do feel called to share a bit about their classrooms in appreciation. Don't be surprised if it becomes a habit.

Apparently colored pencils wreak havoc on pencil sharpeners... and can dull them in no time flat. Which could certainly be why there was a big pile of unsharpened colored pencils in Sam's classroom today. The sharpening fairy came and took care of these guys... but I wonder if your child's classroom could use a visit from the sharpening fairy as well?

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