Friday, March 22, 2013

Bunny Wrangler - Amanda

2010 Bunny Encounter
I’ve been lucky enough to know this young lady for 4 years now… and  thought you may want to know a bit more about who wrangles the bunnies for my live bunny photos at Easter, otherwise known as the Bunny Encounter.

Meet Amanda!

 Amanda started in 4-H when she was in the 4th grade. She currently belongs to the Tumalo Community Club and raises both rabbits and pigeons. You can find her at the Deschutes County Fair – where she is happy to take you on a tour of her animals!

When asked which animal she prefers to raise – she replies,
“hmmm… I don't know which one I like to raise more honestly I like to raise both rabbits and pigeons.”

Amanda plans to go to COCC to complete her basic courses and then on to OSU to major in graphic design. She also wants to become a 4-H leader to give back into the program.

In case your family is thinking of bringing home one of these adorable bunnies this spring, Amanda offers the following advice:
Thoroughly research the animals before hand to see what you are getting into and don’t forget that clean cages, fresh water, and good food makes for a healthy happy rabbit.

2011 Bunny Encounter

2012 Bunny Encounter
2012 Deschutes County Fair

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