Sunday, August 19, 2012

What {Melon Mayhem} looks like || Bend Oregon Photographer

Together with five other Oregon photographers I am continuing a lifestyle blogging project entitled "What ___________ looks like," an idea inspired by a group of photographers out of Montana.  On the third Monday of each month I will fill in the blank with my own word or concept, and link to the next photographer's blog until the circle is complete.  I hope you take the time to enjoy this monthly photographic journey, and enjoy each of our monthly projects. 

What {Melon Mayhem} looks like.

I had the extreme pleasure of capturing the very first birthday party of the son of a dear friend (and amazing photographer), Julia – and quite honestly – had the BEST time. Julia was able to simply enjoy her time celebrating her baby’s very first (and DARLING) birthday party, and not worry about picking up her camera to capture the moments.

I adored the theme, who doesn’t love The Very Hungry Caterpillar? When Mr. Dean started nibbling on watermelon during dinner… I thought to myself, now here’s an opportunity for some really fun pictures, not knowing I’d be contributing to Melon Mayhem.  

Clearly the images speak for themselves, and I can’t help but crack up, as I wonder how Julia will “get me back” as she threatened in the midst of the sticky, juicy silly mess of it all…

In the end, I have to wonder if this is better than a cake smash?

Melon Mayhem… It’s going to be a trend!


Cutest theme ever...

Beginning of the end. A little nibble, leads to inspired Mayhem!

One of my favorite images. The pure joy and slight mortification of mama as she realizes whats happening here...

Mama can nuzzle all she wants... I'm still eating this delicious melon.

Yeah, baby! Squishy!

Can this be considered chaff?

Drippy goodness

Not letting a bit go to waste.

All done - all sticky!

The only real way to wash off in Central Oregon. With a Deschutes Brewery Growler filled with warm water.

All clean. All cozy.
You want some watermelon now, don't you!?

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Alisa Hayes said...

What an adorable birthday party theme and an even cuter little boy to boot! How fun :)