Monday, June 18, 2012

What {being a second shooter} looks like || Bend, Oregon Photographer

Together with five other Oregon photographers I am starting my first month of a lifestyle blogging project entitled "What ___________ looks like," an idea inspired by a group of photographers out of Montana.  On the third Monday of each month I will fill in the blank with my own word or concept, and link to the next photographer's blog until the circle is complete.  I hope you take the time to enjoy this monthly photographic journey, and enjoy each of our monthly projects. 

What {being a second shooter} looks like.

I recently had the opportunity to work as a second shooter at a wedding for Senneh O'Reilly of Heirloom Images, and I enjoyed it immensely. While I definitely had a shot list to get through, I had a bit more latitude to get creative and make some shots that I wouldn't have had the time to, had there only been one photographer. I don't often shoot weddings because our family lifestyle doesn't lend itself to working every weekend throughout the summer, and I give a huge kudos to my wedding photographer colleagues - some of the hardest working folks in the industry. 

After you are done looking through these photos, be sure and scroll all the way down for the link, and visit my good friend - and talented photographer, Jessica Woodford next... you won't want to miss her post!

So, what does being a second shooter look like? Well... 

Making silly faces at the wedding party. Smile!



Ok. My bad. I told them to make silly faces while I dialed in my lighting settings... kinda love this. 

Flip Flop Sounds - workin' the party!
Love this... Now THAT's a party!
I hope you enjoyed these images (you can see them big & pretty HERE on my website... now head on over to Jessica's Blog:


The Wilsons said...

Very cool, Kimberly! What a gorgeous wedding!

Kimberly Teichrow Photography said...

Oh, this bride did SUCH a great job with the details! She MADE them all... bouquets and all. Lots of work... AND they were super fun... double bonus! 8 )

Jessica said...

Gorgeous work Kimberly! Love all the photos!38 onaryiv

Kimmy said...

lovely and inspiring...

Alisa Hayes said...

Great work...looks like it was a beautiful wedding!!

Jimmy Carter said...

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