Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Inspired World (NOT the real one) || Bend, Oregon Photography

I recently read a blog post called "Your children want YOU" - about perspective and priorities in raising your kids in a world of social media... With the internet so handy, and Pinterest so pretty - it's easy to feel like a failure when your world isn't picture-perfect. It's a great article - you should go read it (after you're done here, of course!).

It got me thinking about MY world, my priorities, and what I put "out there" to the world, both on Pinterest and Facebook (I'm a twitter-slacker) as a mom and photographer. 

I'll be the first person to admit that I'm lazy (I LOVE the easy road), I have a horrible sense of style (I think pretty jewelry distracts from fleece & sweats any day of the week!), and my sink is ALWAYS piled with dishes (except when we're trying to sell our house!). 
My reality - my every day.
I certainly spend spare moments lurking on Pinterest, looking for pretty things that appeal to the artistic side of my brain, and amazing organization ideas that appeal to the logical side of my brain. I think I've been able to be inspired in a healthy, non-obsessing way, at least I certainly hope that's the case... 

I've been inspired to stop for a moment (nearly) each day, and find something pretty. To craft an image rather than make a snapshot. My style of shooting has always been, capture the moments, tell the story - with less emphasis on designing a shot. My goal this year was to spend more time crafting, WHILE making spontaneous images and pushing my photography beyond where its been. 

Oddly enough, my phone has been helping me do just that. 

I recently upgraded my iPhone and the camera is YUMMY. I've also recently jumped onto Instagram and love the immediacy and visual diary of my world (and seeing my friend's worlds as well). 

Looking back at a handful of images from my phone - I wonder what these images say about me, and my world. Having read the article on perspective - I realize my goal of challenging myself visually paints a picture of my world that is my "inspired" world - which is not necessarily my reality. I felt compelled this morning (a lovely quiet morning in a crazy, crazy week), to clarify this - and I'm afraid it's turning into a bit of a "life statement" and not entirely sure who'll read this all the way through. But I DO know I'll feel better after I work this out in my head at least!

I am no different than any person out there, flying through life at breakneck speed. I do know that I take far to little time to reflect and appreciate the things in my life... including my blessings and my family. I  am much more aware now than I ever have been about appreciation and perspective, thanks to life's lessons, an amazing husband, and incredibly supportive family. 

Living my life authentically is important to me... and I've always believed if you live your life with a true heart, the world will be kind to you. 

I think that's why reading the article hit a bit of a nerve, and why I felt compelled to 'fess-up about the images I post. I love crafting these little snippets of life - and hope that they serve as an inspiration. A way for friends to try looking at their own every day worlds through rose-colored glasses. They certainly give me little boosts of joy throughout my week - my version of a pedicure or whatever it is you do to feel special or indulgent (I'm not a mani/pedi girl) – and the result are images I can keep with me and share with my grandkids someday when I'm older and WAY wiser. 

So, I'll keep creating, crafting and sharing - but please do know that beyond the frame, I'm quite certain there are dishes in the sink and laundry on the floor. It's just who I am.  

My inspiration and effort to stay inspired, visually.

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