Wednesday, October 26, 2011

For the love of it...

You know how dogs love to stick their heads out of a car window and just let the wind throw their ears back? For me, that seems to evoke the simple joy of living... last night - I got to stick MY head out of my car window (don't worry, I'm being figurative).

Along with most photographers in town, I'm in the middle of the Fall Portrait season - and its been busy. Combined with a busy household & sports schedules - I'll admit I feel BUSY. While it doesn't take away from the fun I have when working with clients - I found myself yesterday shooting simply for the love of it. And it was fun.

The stars aligned (schedule, weather & model) and I was able to play with lil' Miss M. Thanks, mama Jenna for bringing her out to play!


The Wilsons said...

Amazing! I love them. We had so much fun. You can play with her any day you would like. She was obviously enjoying all of the attention! :)

Unknown said...

Absolutely AmAzInG and beautiful - thanks so much for sharing with the rest of us!!!