Sunday, April 3, 2011

Are we there yet?

Last week, Sam brought home a story he'd written in class, about a trip we had taken. His (fantastic) teacher was teaching the students about using a repeating line in a story - and Sam had chosen "Are we there yet?" as his repeating line. This is funny, because the boys rarely say this on our trips - but, as Sam pointed out, it made for an effective story. The second sentence in the story was, "NO! Stop pestering me!"

I felt a bit put out because, like the repeating line, I rarely say this phrase (if ever), and never with an exclamation point! Well, I asked Sam about it, he went on to point out that sometimes you add details to a story to make it more interesting.

Yes, that's my 7 year old.

So, clearly the phrase, "are we there yet" has been top of mind lately. I was looking through some of my spring photos from last year and came across this beauty. Immediately this came to mind:

Are we there yet?

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