Friday, February 4, 2011

A new look. A new focus.

A storyteller at heart, I am passionate about my job.

To be asked to capture a moment that will tell a story for generations to come is truly a privilege – for what else matters besides the relationships we build, and the memories we have of them.

This became abundantly clear to me over the 2010 holidays, when my step-dad of 34 years became ill and passed away. The photographs I have of him over our 34 years as a family, in particular over the last few, are precious heirlooms that I am able to share with all of our family, both near and far.

Photographs can be decorative and pretty, of course - but much more than that, they can tell a story of someone's life. Of memories shared and relationships built. How else can you remember the past with such clarity and detail.

I strive to capture the moment of a situation that tells the bigger story, and to capture the personality of my subjects. To create heirlooms. My style is not always polished. Not always perfect, but I am...

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